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<tab class=wikitable head=top> word pronunciation meaning comment etymology ltpɨt to be fragrant the smell of various flowers and ripe fruit, including intense smell of durian, perfume, soap, Aquillaria wood, and bearcat (Arctictis binturong, which, according to Wikipedia, smells like popcorn). e.g., various flowers, perfumes, bearcat Cŋεs cheng-us the smell of petrol, smoke, bat droppings and bat caves, some species of millipede, root of wild ginger, leaf of gingerwort, wood of wild mango, among other odor sources. crŋir to smell roasted e.g., roasted food harɨm to be fragrant e.g., various species of flowers, perfumes, soap Malay loan; original Malay meaning fragrant haʔe~t to stink e.g., feces, rotten meat, prawn paste pʔus pa-oos to be musty e.g., old dwellings, mushrooms, stale food, deadwood Cŋэs to smell edible, tasty e.g., cooked food, sweets sʔı~N to have a smell of human urine e.g., human urine, village ground ha›cı~N to have a urine-like smell e.g., urine Malay loan; original Malay meaning foul odor, stench pʔih to have a blood/fish/meat-like smell e.g., blood, raw fish, raw meat plʔeŋ to have a blood/fish/meat-like smell e.g., blood, raw fish, raw meat plʔεŋ to have a bloody smell which attracts tigers e.g., crushed head lice, squirrel blood   </tab>