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An ever-being-updated list of suggestions for the next revision of CLL:

active PRs, problematic or those that must be active


  • 294: misuse of the term alphabet
  • 333: internal grammar of UI
  • Chapter 10 It would be nice if there was a template for compound tenses around the end of the chapter, like the template for compound cnima'o in chapter 13 section 8.
  • ch3. Section 6, restriction no. 2 already forbids 8 of the 12 consonant pairs that are forbidden by restriction no. 3; perhaps it's better to just explicitly forbid the pairs "cs", "jz", "sc" and "zj" like in the last restriction.
  • A lot of this terminology is used without being defined. We should formally define the terminology that is import to understanding the grammar and syntax of Lojban, preferably in a sidebar outside of the main text.
    • superfective
  • add cu after all cmevla when CMEVLA brivla constructs arises otherwise
  •  ??? can't confirm. ch3. Section 2, page 30. for the second eng (immediately to the left of "(may be syllabic)") the syllabicity marker is concealed by the right tail. I can just barely see the marker under a good light.