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#REDIRECT [[Learn Lojban: new methods]]
|  |[ Learn Lojban course]
|  |[[la karda]], a rapid-fire overview of the grammar in small pieces
|<span class="plainlinks">[[File:slaide.png|100px|link=]]</span><br /><span class="plainlinks">[ Lojban in simple phrases]</span><br />Also available in [ PDF]. Or try flashcards: [] offers on-line Lojban vocabulary flashcards, [ Anki] is a downloadable alternative.
|<span class="plainlinks">try searching for arbitrary words in<br />[ the database of sentences]<br />[[Image:La Muplis.png|150px|link=]]<br />Some of the sentences are not proofread by fluent speakers of Lojban.</span>
|  | <span class="plainlinks">search the [ dictionary]<br />[[Image:la_sutysisku.png|100px|link=]]</span>
|  |[ la camxes] is an automatic grammar checker of Lojban utterances. It can help you to understand the structure and correctness of sentences.
|  |[[Lojban Wave Lessons|Wave Lessons]], a popular textbook
|  |[ Lojban guide]<br />Provides hover translations of both sentences/phrases and words they contain.
|  |<span class="plainlinks">Join [ the chat]<br />[[Image:lo-se-irci.svg|100px|link=]]<br /> and try talking to other Lojbanists when they appear there. Try asking them questions.</span>
|  |[[Image:yt-lesson in lojban i.png|link=]]<br />«Lessons in Lojban» by Dustin Lacewell

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