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#REDIRECT [[Logfest]]
| type = content
| text =
'''This template is used {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|in system messages}}.''' <br> Changes to it can cause immediate changes to the Wikipedia user interface. To avoid large-scale disruption, any changes should first be tested in this template's [[{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
    | doc | sandbox = {{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
    | #default =      {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}
  }}/sandbox|/sandbox]] or [[{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
    | doc | sandbox = {{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
    | #default =      {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}
  }}/testcases|/testcases]] subpage, or in your own [[Wikipedia:Subpages#How to create user subpages|user space]]. The tested changes can then be added in one single edit to this template. Please discuss any changes at {{#if:{{{2|}}}|[[{{{2}}}]]|the [[{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
    | doc | sandbox = {{TALKSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}
    | #default =      {{TALKPAGENAME}}
  }}|talk page]]}} before implementing them.
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