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To the tune of a Swedish folk song. Original Swedish lyrics by J. Näslund; translator unknown.


Day wears to a farewell, dearest,

Our ways go soon apart.

Life that in my hands yet slumbers

Will presently depart

Sorrow is a lonesome bluebird

That slumbers where you live,

Lingering yet at your gate,

Closer than you would believe.

Death's so dreary and so lasting,

Life is but so brief,

Sad to start alone the journey,

It fills your heart with grief.


Lojban translation (Arnt Richard Johansen):


fanmo fa le clani djedi

.i pensi le du'u

xance remei jbini sipna

ke jmive ranji .i

kamdri fa le cmalu cipni

noi sipna vi do .i

stali le do bartu serti

.i ku'i jibni .i

clamau fa le nunmro .a'onai

le li'i jmive da

.i ca'o nonkansa nunkla

fi le bancu ra