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{| align=right
|- valign=top
<!--[[File:Gnome-mime-application-x-ogg.png|right]]-->===Audio Lesson===
{| cellspacing="0" border="0" align="left" style="color: inherit; background-color: transparent; margin: 0.25em 0;"
|- style="vertical-align: top;" class="metadata"
| rowspan="3" style="width: 30px; padding-right: 3px; padding-top: 4px; vertical-align: top;" | [[Image:Gnome-speakernotes.png|30px|(audio)]]
| style="vertical-align: top;" | [[Media:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{id|OPTION id}}}.ogg|LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{id|OPTION id}}}.ogg]] <span style="font-size: 91%">([[:Image:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{id|OPTION id}}}.ogg|file info]])</span> <span style="font-size: 91%">([http://www.martin-kraus.org/feeds/Lojbanpod_{{{id|OPTIONid}}}pb.mp3 mp3 file])</span>
|- class="metadata"
| style="font-size: 91%; padding: 0; margin: 0;" | Title: “{{{title|OPTION title}}}” [[Image:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{id|OPTION id}}}.ogg|180px|noicon]] {{#if:{{{dialogueid|}}}|[[Media:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{dialogueid|OPTION dialogueid}}}.ogg|Dialogue only]] <small>([[:Image:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{dialogueid|OPTION dialogueid}}}.ogg|file info]])</small> [[Image:LojbanPod_newbie_lesson_{{{dialogueid|OPTION dialogueid}}}.ogg|180px|noicon]]|}}
|- class="metadata"
| style="font-size: 91%; padding: 0; margin: 0; font-style: italic;" | Problems listening to the file? See [[Wikipedia:Media help|media help]].
<br clear="left">
parte de [[jbocre: jbovlaste import: reino animal lang es]]
This template is used to include a section for access to an audio file in the LojbanPod lessons of the [[Lojban by Choice]] wikibook. It is used like this:
*(k){jvsn mamífero general=1} '''{jvsv mabru}'''
<pre>{{SbcAudioLojbanPod | id=<id of the form A00xx> | title=<title>}}</pre>
**{jvsn monotrema general=1} {jvsv sovmabru}
***{jvsn ornitorrinco general=1} {jvsv ornitorinku}
***{jvsn equidna general=1} {jvsv zalgosu}, {jvsv jesymabru}
**{jvsn marsupial general=1} {jvsv cifydaklymabru}
<pre>{{SbcAudioLojbanPod | id=<id of the form A00xx> | title=<title> |
***{jvsn canguro general=1} {jvsv kanguru}, {jvsv mabrnmakropode}
dialogueid=<id of the form A00xx_dialogue>}}</pre>
***{jvsn wombat general=1} {jvsv vombatu}
to show an additional player for the dialogue file.
***{jvsn koala general=1} {jvsv fasxolarkto}
***{jvsn zarigüeya general=1} {jvsv mabrndidelfi}
This a specialized version of the more general template [[Template:SbcAudio]].
**{jvsv tu'urselde'i}
[[Category:Lojban by Choice/Templates|AudioLojbanPod]]</noinclude>
***{jvsn cerdo hormiguero general=1} {jvsv rikteropu}
**{jvsv mabrnfolidota}
***{jvsn pangolín general=1} {jvsv pangolino}
**{jvsn insectívoro general=1} {jvsv cinkyctimabru}
***{jvsn topo general=1} {jvsv mabrntalpa}
***{jvsn erizo general=1} {jvsv ernace}, {jvsv jesymabru}
**{jvsn murciélago general=1} {jvsv volmabru}
***{jvsn megamurciélago general=1} {jvsv bravolmabru}
***{jvsn micromurciélago general=1} {jvsv cmavolmabru}
****{jvsn vampiro general=1} {jvsv vampiro}, {jvsv mabrndesmodu}
**{jvsn conejo general=1}, {jvsn liebre general=1} '''{jvsv ractu}'''
**{jvsn roedor general=1} {jvsv mabrnrodenti}
***{jvsn ratón general=1} '''{jvsv smacu}'''
***{jvsn rata general=1} '''{jvsv ratcu}'''
***{jvsn castor general=1} {jvsv mudyratcu}
***{jvsn ardilla general=1} {jvsv ricyratcu}
***{jvsn chinchilla general=1} {jvsv tcincila}
***{jvsn marmota general=1} {jvsv marmota}
***{jvsn lirón general=1} {jvsv sipsmacu}
***{jvsn jerboa general=1} {jvsv pipsmacu}
***{jvsn cobayo general=1}, {jvsn conejillo de Indias general=1} {jvsv smacrkobaiu}
***{jvsn puerco espín general=1} {jvsv jesyratcu}
**{jvsn ballena general=1} {jvsv mabrnsetace}, {jvsv balfipmabru}
***{jvsn marsopa general=1} {jvsv xajyfi'e}
**{jvsv mabrnksenartra}
***{jvsn perezoso general=1} {jvsv snomabru}
***{jvsn oso hormiguero general=1} {jvsv mantyctimabru}
***{jvsn armadillo general=1} {jvsv cakmabru}
**{jvsv sirénido}, {jvsv vaca marina} {jvsv mabrnsireni}
***{jvsn manatí general=1} {jvsv trixexu}
***{jvsn dugongo general=1} {jvsv xasybakni}
***{jvsn vaca marina de Steller general=1} ctelr. zei kemxasybakni
**{jvsv pinpedi}
***{jvsn foca general=1} {jvsv kermipri} pinpedi
***{jvsn león marino general=1} {jvsv kerja'o} pinpedi
***{jvsn morsa general=1} {jvsv odbenu}
**{jvsn elefante general=1} {jvsv proboskida}, '''{jvsv xanto}'''
***{jvsn elefante asiático general=1} {jvsv xinxanto}
***{jvsn elefante africano general=1} {jvsv fi'orxanto}
***{jvsn mamut general=1} {jvsv xantrmamutu}
**{jvsv nalrelmeidegji} {jvsv sfumabru}
***{jvsn caballo general=1} '''{jvsv xirma}'''
***{jvsn cebra general=1} {jvsv tirxyxi'a}
***{jvsn asno general=1} '''{jvsv xasli}'''
***{jvsn rinoceronte general=1} {jvsv zbiseljirna}
**{jvsv relmeidegji} {jvsv sfumabru}
***{jvsn cerdo general=1} '''{jvsv xarju}'''
****{jvsn jabalí general=1} {jvsv cicyxarju}
***{jvsn pecarí general=1} {jvsv tcoxarju}
***{jvsn hipopótamo general=1} {jvsv ri'erxi'a}, {jvsv mabrnxipopotamo}
***{jvsn camello general=1} '''{jvsv kumte}'''
****{jvsn camello asiático general=1} {jvsv zdokumte}
****{jvsn dromedario general=1} {jvsv rabykumte}
****{jvsn llama general=1}, {jvsn vicuña general=1}, {jvsn guanaco general=1}, {jvsv alpaca} {jvsv tcokumte}
***{jvsn rumiante general=1} {jvsv toltu'oxejyzalvi}
****{jvsn jirafa general=1} {jvsv djirafa}
****{jvsn ciervo general=1} '''{jvsv mirli}'''
*****{jvsn reno general=1}, {jvsn alce general=1} {jvsv rangifero}
*****{jvsv jaxmuru}
****{jvsn bóvido general=1} {jvsv brasmubakni}
*****{jvsn bovino general=1} '''{jvsv bakni}'''
*****{jvsn antílope general=1} {jvsv antilope}
******{jvsn gacela general=1} {jvsv dorkada}
*****{jvsn cobo general=1} {jvsv baknrkobu}
******{jvsn lechwe general=1} {jvsv letcue} (''unsupported fu'ivla'')
*****{jvsn antílope general=1} {jvsv bajbakni} (''general term, not a taxon'')
*****{jvsn cabra general=1} '''{jvsv kanba}'''
*****{jvsn oveja general=1} '''{jvsv lanme}'''
**{jvsn carnívoro general=1} {jvsv karnivora}
***{jvsn cánido general=1} {jvsv mabrnkanida}
****{jvsn perro general=1} '''{jvsv gerku}'''
****{jvsn lobo general=1} '''{jvsv labno}'''
****{jvsn zorro general=1} '''{jvsv lorxu}'''
****{jvsn licaón general=1} {jvsv gernlikaone}
***{jvsn oso general=1} {jvsv mabrnxursida}, '''{jvsv cribe}'''
***{jvsn hiena general=1} {jvsv krokuta}
***{jvsv mabrnviverida}
****{jvsn mangosta general=1} {jvsv manguso}
***{jvsv mabrnmefitida}
****{jvsn mofeta general=1}, {jvsn zorrino general=1} {jvsv ckankua}, {jvsv panvi'imabru}
***{jvsv mabrnmustelida}
****{jvsn hurón general=1} {jvsv mabrnfuru}
****{jvsn carcayú general=1} {jvsv karkaju}
***{jvsv mabrnfelida}
****{jvsn gato general=1} '''{jvsv mlatu}'''
****{jvsn ocelote general=1} {jvsv pardali}
****{jvsn tigre general=1} '''{jvsv tirxu}'''
****{jvsn león general=1} '''{jvsv cinfo}'''
****{jvsn chita general=1} {jvsv ja'urtirxu}
**{jvsn primate general=1} {jvsv primate}
***{jvsv kroselzbi}
****{jvsn indri general=1} {jvsv indri}
****{jvsn lorís general=1} {jvsv smanrlori}
***{jvsn mono general=1} '''{jvsv smani}'''
****{jvsn tarsero general=1} {jvsv tarsire}
****{jvsv ganselzbi} jeva'i {jvsv bemjoitco} '''smani'''
*****{jvsn mono lechuza general=1}, {jvsn mono nocturno general=1}, {jvsv marikiná} {jvsv durkuli}
*****{jvsn mono aullador general=1} {jvsv kixsmani}
*****{jvsn tití general=1} {jvsv marmoseto}
****{jvsv nitselzbi} jeva'i {jvsv fi'orjoizdo} '''smani'''
*****{jvsv kerkopiteku}
******{jvsn colobo general=1} {jvsv tamjycausmani}
*****{jvsn gibón general=1} {jvsv xilbate}
*****{jvsn simio general=1} {jvsv remsmismani}
******{jvsn gorila general=1} {jvsv tsasmani}
******{jvsn orangután general=1} {jvsv rangutano}
******{jvsn chimpancé general=1} {jvsv tcimpazi}
*****{jvsn humano general=1} '''{jvsv remna}'''

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Gnome-mime-application-x-ogg.png Gnome-mime-audio-x-mp3.png

Audio Lesson

This template is used to include a section for access to an audio file in the LojbanPod lessons of the Lojban by Choice wikibook. It is used like this:

{{SbcAudioLojbanPod | id=<id of the form A00xx> | title=<title>}}


{{SbcAudioLojbanPod | id=<id of the form A00xx> | title=<title> | 
dialogueid=<id of the form A00xx_dialogue>}}

to show an additional player for the dialogue file.

This a specialized version of the more general template Template:SbcAudio.