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<templatestyles src="Crossreference/styles.css" />Template:Hatnote inline

  • title: Title of source page on website. Displays in quotes. If script-title is defined, use title to hold a Romanization (if available) of the title in script-title.
    • script-title: Original title for languages that do not use a Latin-based script (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, etc); follows Romanization defined in title (if present). Must be prefixed with one of the [[Help:Citation_Style_1#Template:Pipescript-<param>= language codes|supported language codes]] to help browsers properly display the script:
      ... |title=Tōkyō tawā |script-title=ja:東京タワー |trans-title=Tokyo Tower ...
    • trans-title: English translation of the title if the source cited is in a foreign language. Displays in square brackets after title; trans-title is included in the link. Use of the language parameter is recommended.
Titles containing certain characters will display and link incorrectly unless those characters are encoded.
newline [ ] |
space &#91; &#93; &#124;
{{bracket|text}} {{pipe}} – <templatestyles src="Crossreference/styles.css" />Template:Hatnote inline
This parameter is required and will generate an error if not defined. On errors, main, help and template pages are placed into Category:Articles with incorrect citation syntax. Set |no-tracking=true to disable categorization; mainly used for documentation where the error is demonstrated.
  • website: Title of website; may be wikilinked. Displays in italics. Aliases: work