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Posted by rlpowell on Thu 10 of Mar., 2005 22:58 GMT posts: 14214

Pointless conversation that used to be on this page:

  • Martin Gardner's annotations point out that the claim beginning "The song really is" is illogical, because its object is merely another name. To be consistent, the White Knight should have actually sung the song at this point.

For a Lojban translation, see,(external link) with the inevitable flame from Ivan Derzhanski: link) (eerily echoing a similar flame bypc:

(external link) "eerily"? Two rights make a right! Any screw-up ought to be recognized by anybody, even pros.
  • Eerie because you would think that the flamers would figure it out sooner rather than later. Two wrongs make a wrong. Any untenable objection ought to be recognized by anybody, even pros.
    • So you're saying the two flamers were out of line?
      • I'm saying the objection is stupid. Lojban is a complete human language like any other, and if Alice can be translated into any language it can be translated into Lojban. If you don't like a certain translation project, shut up and translate something else.