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Localized content:

I guess the minimum stuff for a learner must be:

  • CC - Beginner's tutorial adapted for local language realities and FAQ list
    • dictionary included (gimste+ma'oste+most important fu'ivla and cimjvo),
  • Contacts - contacts of lojbanists speaking your language

and that's all. everything else must be in Lojban itself.

Consider also:

Alternatively, a glosser written in controlled Lojban with autotranslations to controlled natlangs.

Earlier discussions

Earlier discussions of the wiki front page

me «lu fi'i vitke be fi le lojbo .uitki li'u»

.i ma zo. le. pe lo cmene be lo uitki cu smuni ma vau ta'o mu'o mi'e .iesk. 09:53, 11 prilio 2015 (PDT)

  • e'a do stika La Gleki (talk) 03:30, 12 prilio 2015 (PDT)
    • .i lo nu stika zo'u galfi fi ma mu'i ma .i lo nu mi retsku na ve pante .i ku'i la'a cu'i pante tu'a lo se dafsku vau zo'o mu'o mi'e .iesk. 04:57, 12 prilio 2015 (PDT)
      • la'a srana la'e dei i simsa lu lo dei uitki li'u La Gleki (talk) 06:29, 14 prilio 2015 (PDT)
        • .i ckire mu'o mi'e .iesk. 15:47, 18 prilio 2015 (PDT)


If anyone has any requests of how the flags should look like please draw them even by hand so that I can change their formatting.

Also note that the flags are important and should be visible immediately so that LMW continues to be readily multilingual and no language is promoted to the detriment of any other language. La Gleki (talk) 00:05, 16 madjio 2015 (PDT)