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All belong to semantic frame SKARI_FREIME:

  • skari - x1 has color x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has hue x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has colorfulness x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has chromacity x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has saturation x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has lightness x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has brightness x2 according to x3
  • ? - x1 has chrominance x2 according to x3


  • ? - x1 has gamut (span of/generated by color parameters) x2 according to x3. Should belong to SKARI_FREIME or not?
  • ? - (needed?) x1 is a shade, tint, dye, variety of x2
  • nu'ansa = x1 (entity) is a nuance, minor distinction of x2 (entity)

skari1 is an object, skari2 is a prototype object like lo ciblu or lo xunre. There are no core words for "color" in Lojban, only derivatives.

How do we reflect "tone", "tint", and "shade" (which are greyness/black-joi-white-ness, whiteness, and blackness of a color, respectively) rather than hue (which is redness, greenness, blueness, and sometimes: yellowness, orangeness, and violetness; I would also argue for indigoness (which is actually the light blue in a rainbow, whereas "blue" is the dark blue) and a generalized "a culturally identified and distinct color in a rainbow/spectrum"-ness).

We might want to eventually create a word (maybe lujvo) for "gamut" (roughly: a span of/generated by color parameters). What would be its place structure?