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Translation unit 1
Lojban.SE is a project aiming to launch a Stack Exchange Q&A site on Lojban.
Translation unit 2
<p style="text-align:center; margin: 20px;">
[[File:lojban_logo_reddit.png|240px|link=]] x  [[File:se-logo.png|267px|link=]]
Translation unit 3
Stack Exchange (SE) is "a network of free community-driven Q&A sites". Anyone can propose a topic for a new SE Q&A site, but the site must go through several stages to prove its momentum and viability as a Q&A community.
Translation unit 4
If you want to jump right in, here's [ the Q&A site proposal for Lojban].
Translation unit 5
= What's Stack Exchange and why is it good for me? =
Translation unit 6
* It's a great place to ask and answer questions.
** Everything is optimized for a Q&A type of conversation, unlike wiki or irc.
Translation unit 7
* It's got a chat functionality with complete logging, searching and bookmarking.
Translation unit 8
* Clean, fast, and all that goodness of a modern well-constructed webapp.
Translation unit 9
= How to help =
Translation unit 10
There are 3 things you can do to help, and all of them are pretty easy. There will be more when the proposal reaches the next stage.
Translation unit 11
== Press the '''Follow''' button for the proposal ==
Translation unit 12
Clicking on the image will take you to the proposal page.
Translation unit 13
Translation unit 14
You can [ login] with an existing account you have on Google, Facebook, etc.
Translation unit 15
We need 60 followers to move forward to the next stage.
Translation unit 16
== "Upvote" on example questions ==
Translation unit 17
Clicking on the image will take you to the proposal page.
Translation unit 18
Translation unit 19
Vote on questions you would like to ask or answer on the Q&A site. There are a total of '''5''' votes you can use.
Translation unit 20
== "Post" example questions ==
Translation unit 21
Clicking on the image will take you to the proposal page.
Translation unit 22
Translation unit 23
Write an actual question that you might ask on this site. If you're unsure if it's on-topic, go ahead to ask! We can discuss it using the comments section.
Translation unit 24
At least 40 questions are required. See below for more details.
Translation unit 25
== Extra activities ==
Translation unit 26
* Share it!
* In the next stage, we'll need your "reputation points" from another Stack Exchange site. If you don't have at least 200 points on any of the network sites, earn them by participating in an existing site. [ There are 90 of them] and there's a good chance you can find a topic of your interest (other than Lojban).
Translation unit 27
= How the process of getting a site works =
Translation unit 28
== Goal 1: Finish the "Definition" phase ==
Translation unit 29
'''We're here!'''
Translation unit 30
We're challenged to:
Translation unit 31
* Get at least '''40 example questions''' with '''10 scores''' each
* Get '''60 followers'''
Translation unit 32
To achieve this, we need to:
Translation unit 33
* Decide what kind of questions we're handling with the site. [link to relevant Area 51 discussion when there is one]
* Recruit people to signup/login and press the "Follow" button.
Translation unit 34
== Goal 2: Finish the "Commitment" phase ==
Translation unit 35
Let us worry about the future when it comes to it.
Translation unit 36
Sitenote: [ the whole process is getting revamped] in the next few months. But for existing proposals it's advised to "just continue as normal" to "gather ideas, build consensus, and find an audience".
Translation unit 37
= TODO =
Translation unit 38
* Promote on linguistics.SE chat
* Promote on Programmers.SE chat
* Explain how you can help
* Promote on reddit/r/lojban
* Get an official endorsement?
* Promote on jbotcan
* Promote on #jbopre
* Promote on lojban mailing-list
* Promote on lojban-soudan mailing-list
* Promote on memrise
Translation unit 39
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