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[[User:Guskant|I (guskant)]] will make here a commentary on BPFK's gadri so that it is understood by them correctly. ([[gadri の論理学的観点からの解説|Japanese version/日本語版]])
<!--''Note dated 2016-09-12: [ BPFK has approved interchange of some cmavo] including « '''su'o''' - '''su''' », « '''ce'u''' - '''ce''' », « '''ke'a''' - '''ke''' ». Those cmavo in the text below conforms conform to the older definition.''-->
==Plural quantification==
In order to understand arguments of Lojban from a logical point of view, it is essential to have a knowledge of '''plural quantification''' (see, for example, [ Thomas McKay]: ''Plural Predication'', Oxford University Press, 2006).
Plural quantification was invented in order to facilitate expression of proposition that is meaningful only when the referent of an argument is plural.

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