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* to get your questions answered quickly when there are others around.
[[Special:{{Webchat|url kiwi}} Join the chat in your browserwith the Kiwi web-based IRC client], or alternately [{{Webchat url qwebirc}} with the qwebirc client].
Here are the three channels (chat rooms) that are displayed as tabs in the upper left corner in webchat:
* #jbosnu for discussions in Lojban only.
If you have an IRC software installed you can join the chat following [[Lojban_IRC#Trickier_ways_of_connecting|these instructionscan use it]]to connect to the [ Freenode] IRC network (the irc server host name is , the port number is 6667, or 6697 for an SSL-encrypted connection) and join the above mentioned channel.
Here is an [[IRC cheat sheet|IRC cheat sheet]] for people who are learning Lojban.
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