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A number of the people who expressed interest in the Lojbanic Phone Group have expressed deep concern that they wouldn't have anything to talk about.

le ralju javni -- The Most Important Rule

Whatever you talk about is good, as long as you talk! No matter how asinine you feel your topic is, it doesn't matter. We're here to talk in lojban, not to critique each other's conversational style. Just talk about something!


  • Grab a line from the Baron Munchausen Game extra lines page, and explain to the listener that you are about to tell them a story about the topic of the question you picked. This one is rather difficult simply because of the difficulty of translating the questions from their deliberately 18th century style.  :-)
  • Robin Lee Powell've had some success in person with a certain type of riddle. This is basically 20 questions, except with no restriction on the number of questions. In the Lojbanic form, the riddler presents his victim with the riddle, and the victim may ask any questions they like. However, the riddler can only answer with go'i, na go'i and na'i. na'i should be used liberally, in any situation where the riddler has to think for even a second to answer the question, because otherwise the pause for thought gives information away. I finally managed to find good list of story riddles online.
  • Reviews. Movie reviews, book reviews, game reviews, whatever. Anything that is interesting to you at the time is fair game. The reason is that all of these are relatively hard to explain in Lojban, because you can't rely on shared cultural context. They become even harder if one or both of you is not comfortable with on-the-spot lujvo or fu'ivla.
  • Robin Lee Powell has created a program that generates a random tanru, which can then be used in discussion, by figuring out just what the heck it means.
  • bancus suggests the possibility of shared stories, for group chat. (ie, each person takes turn in telling a group story)
  • ju'i mi'e la stela selckiku ro do jai fenki .i mu'a lo nu do na'e jbota'a cu fenki li'a .i ta'i ma do binxo lo banzu be lo nu fonxa jbota'a be'o jbocre va'o lo za'i na'e lobypli .i re mai .e'u sai casnu lo se lifri be do be'o .e lo se cinmo be do .i ko ko casnu .i na xrani .i ko cusku lu mi gleki lo nu mi tavla do doi pendo li'u mu'a .i do na nitcu lo selkei lo nu jikca jbota'a .i ci mai lo nu jbota'a kei cu na'e sarcu lo pu'u jbope'o jikca .i ro ko foxna jikca .i ko na'e toldarsi .i ca'e cilce ke lojbo nu jikca ke'e cedra mi'e la stela selckiku mu'o
  • Story Time With Uncle Robin once was a recurring topic.

Feel free to add to this list.