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na tanxe

The following is a translation of Anotinette Portis' Not a Box, which demonstrates nicely different types of lojban negation. Since this cute children's book loses a lot without the illustrations, I have appended to each line a description of the drawing on that page. The protagonist is a little child bunny:

mu'i ma do zutse ne'i lo tanxe bunny sitting in box
na'i go'i .i ti na tanxe bunny sitting in racing car
tezu'e ma do cpana le va tanxe bunny standing atop box
na'i go'i .i ti ba'e na tanxe bunny atop mountain
mu'i ma do cecla renro lo djacu lo tanxe bunny squirting box with hose
na'i go'i .i mi pu ba'e cusku le sedu'u ti na tanxe bunny as firefighter
xu caku do dasni lo tanxe bunny wearing box
na'i go'i .i ti na tanxe bunny as robot
xu do ca'o sanli ne'i leva tanxe bunny standing in box
na'i go'i .i ti ba'e ba'e ba'e ba'e na tanxe bunny in crow's nest of pirate ship, basket of hot air balloon, howdah on elephant, and as tugboat captain
.o'o ri mo bunny standing inside box with cut-out window
bunny sitting atop box, thinking hard
ri me lemi ba'e na'e tanxe bunny in rocket ship, blasting off