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-- This module implements {{side box}}.
-- This module implements {{Side box}}.

local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')
local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')

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-- This module implements


local yesno = require('Module:Yesno')

local p = {}

function p.main(frame) local origArgs = frame:getParent().args local args = {} for k, v in pairs(origArgs) do v = v:match('%s*(.-)%s*$') if v ~= then args[k] = v end end return p._main(args) end

function p._main(args) local data = p.makeData(args) return p.renderSidebox(data) end

function p.makeData(args) local data = {}

-- Main table classes data.classes = {} if yesno(args.metadata) ~= false then table.insert(data.classes, 'metadata') end if args.position and args.position:lower() == 'left' then table.insert(data.classes, 'mbox-small-left') else table.insert(data.classes, 'mbox-small') end table.insert(data.classes, args.class)

-- Image if args.image and args.image ~= 'none' then data.image = args.image end

-- Copy over data that doesn't need adjusting local argsToCopy = { -- Styles 'style', 'textstyle',

-- Above row 'above', 'abovestyle',

-- Body row 'text', 'imageright',

-- Below row 'below', } for i, key in ipairs(argsToCopy) do data[key] = args[key] end

return data end

function p.renderSidebox(data) -- Renders the sidebox HTML.

-- Table root local root = mw.html.create('table') for i, class in ipairs(data.classes or {}) do root:addClass(class) end root:css{border = '1px solid #aaa', ['background-color'] = '#f9f9f9'} if then root:cssText( end

-- The "above" row if data.above then local aboveCell = root:newline():tag('tr'):tag('td') aboveCell :attr('colspan', data.imageright and 3 or 2) :addClass('mbox-text') if data.textstyle then aboveCell:cssText(data.textstyle) end if data.abovestyle then aboveCell:cssText(data.abovestyle) end aboveCell :newline() :wikitext(data.above) end

-- The body row local bodyRow = root:newline():tag('tr'):newline() if data.image then bodyRow:tag('td') :addClass('mbox-image') :wikitext(data.image) else bodyRow:tag('td'):css('width', '1px') end local textCell = bodyRow:newline():tag('td') textCell:addClass('mbox-text plainlist') if data.textstyle then textCell:cssText(data.textstyle) end textCell:wikitext(data.text) if data.imageright then bodyRow:newline():tag('td') :addClass('mbox-imageright') :wikitext(data.imageright) end

-- The below row if data.below then local belowCell = root:newline():tag('tr'):tag('td') belowCell :attr('colspan', data.imageright and 3 or 2) :addClass('mbox-text') if data.textstyle then belowCell:cssText(data.textstyle) end belowCell:wikitext(data.below) end

return tostring(root) end

return p