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Lojbanic name: epkat

Wiki user name: Eppcott

||I am an illustrator, graphic designer and sculptor|mi terpixra

primarily interested in Lojban for use in fiction and art.|noi ralju selci'i la .lojban. tepi'o lo lisri .e lo selpixra

I learned about Lojban in 2000|mi facki la lojban di'e renonono

and have almost half the root words and grammar words memorized.|gi'e mi punji pimu lo'i gismu .e lo'i cmavo lemi mo'isro

I am translating The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran into Lojban.|mi ca'o fanva la prije ctuca poi fi'o la .kalilgibran. ku'o la lojban||

||I give an annual Lojban presentation with slides|mi nanca jarco le nunctuca sepi'o loi pixra

at enguicon, a combination science fiction and open source software convention|di'o la .penguikan. noi skefi'a je samselpla girzu salci

which I help to run in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, USA.|noi mi sidju sazri di'o le se tcadu poi .detroitmicigan. ku'o ku'o ku'o

This presentation started a group of Lojban enthusiasts which meets in my home.|la'e di'u rinka le lojbo cinri girzu poi penmi zvati lemi se xabju ku'o||

I designed an alternative Lojban logo, depicted above, and would be very happy to provide free illustrations and page layout for upcoming editions of The Complete Lojban Language or What Is Lojban?, The Book.

I maintain n extensive Lojban page on my web site featuring:

  • a groovy Lojbanistan mural
  • reasons to value and enjoy Lojban as a puzzle and for its mystique
  • the translation of I Am A Little Teapot Of Borg
  • translations of Nicholas Gurewich's Perry Bible Fellowship web comic

I create the Lojban podcast, "jbocradi." I would like to someday host a call-in internet broadcast about the language assisted by chat and whiteboard communication.

Since being elected to membership in The Logical Language Group and board of directors, I had an idea to offer Lojban enthusiasts citizenship in a faux internet nation, xartum, which would double as a text-based online game.

I shepherd the following tasks:

1. Social Functions

- Organizing and attending Logfest. -- doing

- Scheduling ojbanic Phone Group hone chats through Wiki polls. -- not doing yet

- Scheduling IRC meetups through Wiki polls. -- not doing yet

- Creating, administering, and playing the Lojban MOO and roleplaying micronation, xartum. -- not doing yet

- Chartering branch clubs such as outheast Michigan Lojban group he one in Detroit, and the potential one in California. -- doing

- Coordinating collaborators on original Lojban literarature, music, art and film. -- not doing yet

2. Editorial Functions

- create an online digest of the blogs and other output of the Lojban community, for the homepage. -- doing

- encourage Lojban enthusiasts create profile pages for themselves on the wiki. -- trying

- continue producing the Lojban podcast -- on hiatus