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See also Learning (en), Lojbanic Phone Group

Lojbanic Forums

This page contains a list of various forums in which people discuss Lojban or discuss in Lojban, in approximate order of popularity as far as the main community is aware.

Lojban IRC

Lojban IRC is very active, with 75 or more people in channel most of the time. It is by far the best way to practice real-time Lojban conversation, and sometimes it's possible to get people there to join voice chat sessions, as well. Lojban IRC provides an excellent informal meeting place for conversing quickly in Lojban. It is beginner-friendly, as well. The IRC channel can be reached by opening this page or by pointing your IRC program at irc.lojban.org.

There is #lojban channel for basic discussions, #ckule for questions from new learners and #jbosnu for discussions in Lojban only. There is also a #jbopre channel where Lojbanists can discuss things not related to Lojban.

Here is an IRC cheat sheet for people who are learning Lojban.

Primary Web & E-Mail Forums

The two main forums for persistent, threaded conversation are presented as both web forums and e-mail mailing lists, using Google Groups.

  • The Lojban General Mailing List is probably still the best way to reach a broad cross-section of the Lojban community for active discussion. It has about 500 subscribers, and has existed more-or-less continuously since 1989. Any conversation at all about or in Lojban is on-topic for this list. For discussions specifically about learning the language, the Beginners list is a better choice. For discussions solely in Lojban, there's jbosnu, but it's got a much smaller subscriber list.
  • The Lojban Beginners Mailing List is for discussions related to learning Lojban. Anything about how to understand a part of the language, how to learn it better, study tools, actual teaching sessions, and so on, is on topic. Nothing else is.
  • jbofanva is a mailing list for translation projects.

Other Mailing Lists

Other than the primary mailing lists, the following special interest lists exist:

All posts to this list are moderated, and all must include a description for where followup conversation should go. For example: "there are now Lojban flashcards on smart.fm; follow up discussion should go to the Beginners list" (but presumably with more detail). This is NOT a discussion list. The list does not set Reply-To, so you should set it to where you want followup discussion to go, if you know how.

The announcement list sends to just about every Lojban email list there is. People can also subscribe to it directly, if they want to get announcements of general community interest but do not want to be on the main mailing lists.

Anything likely to be of interest to large segments of the Lojban community is on topic. In particular, "I'm starting Lojbanic project X and need help/feedback" is what the list is primarily intended for.

  • xadni, a largely unused list for discussion of the experience of having a body, or something like that
  • le jbocertu cu bau casnu vecu'u a jbosnu (nothing but spam these days)
  • The jboske, or lojbanic science list is for extremely detailed discussions of technical and linguistic issues related to Lojban.
  • jefnuz is a subscribe-and-don't-post list for receiving the weekly community news.
  • snakarni is a list for audio-bloggers, especially for CinchCast users.
  • Loĵbanistoj is a lojban mailing list where discussions occur in Esperanto


  • Mumble: a vocal chatroom
  • Cinch is an audio-blogging service which allows its users to record directly to the website or phone in to record.

Robin Lee Powell's idea was that people should call each other at mutually convenient times for chats in Lojban.

The overall goal being to establish a broad level of conversational fluency in the lojban community.

The tools to be used are primarily Skype and direct browser-to-browser chats like appear.in.

Skype Phone Group Topics

  • You can arrange a voice call (phone or VoIP) with another Lojban speaker at any skill level.

A lot of people have expressed concern about the phone group with respect to the "well, what would we talk about?" issue. I'm pretty sure that discussions about that will take up a lot of space, so please see the Phone Group Topics page.

Nowadays, Story Time With Uncle Robin is a recurring topic.

Current Members

Name E-Mail Time Skype ID Expertise #lojban Nickname
Robin Lee Powell [email protected] PST rlpowell Expert rlpowell
Ark Balandin GMT + 4 ark.balandin Expert .ark.balandin.
Jordan DeLong [email protected] CST
Pierre Abbat [email protected] EST Beginner
Theodore Reed [email protected] PST tedreed Intermediate bancus
Arnt Richard Johansen arj tu'i bu nvg denpa bu org CET Intermediate Broca
Steve Pomeroy [email protected] EST ? Beginner Xavier
xod xod ne'i balvi pi'e org EST Intermediate/Expert
greg [email protected] CET ? Beginner/Intermediate
Stephen Weeks [email protected] MST srweeks Intermediate Tene
Philip Newton [email protected] CEST ? Beginner
Matt Arnold [email protected] EST matt_arnold Beginner Eppcott
Adam Lopresto adam ne'i pubcrawler pi'e org CDT adamlopresto Beginner/Intermediate
Kevin Reid [email protected] EDT kpreid Intermediate kpreid
Yanis Batura [email protected] GMT +6 soyendo Beginner Yanis
Alex Martini [email protected] EST amartini51 Beginner/Intermediate aleks
Jonathan Strickland [email protected] EDT ? Beginner/Intermediate djanatyn
William McMillian MDT William McMillian Beginner Very_Bill
Remy Way [email protected] EST rem.klajis Beginner/Intermediate remklajis
Gianmarco Molino [email protected] MDT mercrutio.11235813 Beginner mercrutio
Brett Williams [email protected] EST selckiku Expert selckiku
Ashley P. [email protected] EST kiriel.ambar Beginner eclen
? [email protected] GMT+2 mikkommm Beginner spfnym


We welcome anyone, regardless of expertise, physical location or monetary resources. If you can't speak much lojban, well, learning to understand others will help. If you can't afford to make long distance phone calls, one of the other members will be happy to call you. If that doesn't work, Robin Lee Powell'm willing to pony up calling card money just to get this going.

To join, just add people above to your skype friends' list and ask who might be available to talk with you.

In an ideal universe, Robin Lee Powell'd like to see people matched up with people of very different levels of ability, to spread the expertise around as quickly as possible, but I'm not hugely attached to that.

Lojban On The Phone

Please bear in mind, everyone, that collision avoidance is hard on the phone. Please become familiar with ta'a, re'i, be'e, je'e, ki'a and ke'o. Especially that last one.  :-)

Here's a phonetic alphabet for spelling words on the phone.

About Expertise

The "expertise" field in the members table is currently rather informal, and you are welcome to alter yours as you feel appropriate. However, Robin Lee Powell have had my expertise certified, as it were, by Nick Nicholas, in person. The reason I bothered, besides my ego, was that I want the option of making the phone group into a ranking system, similar to Chess rankings. In other words, if you want to be certified Expert level, you ask me or Nick to take some time to call you up and basically hammer away at you for an hour. You, in turn, can then certify people at rankings below Expert (or, possibly, at or below expert).

I doubt very much that it's necessary to say so, but please note that any use of word lists in any such tests would be cheating.

The infrastructure to do this is not in place, but I'd like people to keep it in mind as a future goal. Thanks to tsali's accidental suggestion, allow me to suggest that we will probably charge for the certification, all proceeds to the LLG of course.

Expertise Rankings
  • Fluent: No concious thought required to speak in Lojban for any but the most complex conversations, and even then the mental work should not normally be about Lojbanic grammar or vocabulary. A good test for Fluency is whether you are able to engage in a complicated Lojban conversation whilst also doing something else, something that you could do at the same time as having a conversation in your native toungue.
  • Expert: Able to engage in conversation in lojban with only minor and occasional pauses for thought.
  • Intermediate: Comfortable with one of Lojban grammar or Lojban vocabulary, but not both.
  • Beginner: Requires word lists to converse, not comfortable with Lojban grammar.

Note that all expertise rankings mentioned on this page are with respect to spoken, conversational Lojban only. Note further that neither Nick or Robin Lee Powell consider ourselves Fluent. Everyone else seems to consider Nick fluent, though, so this may just be that we have high standards of the word Fluency. Since I started this group, though, I get to define the terms.

There used to be a mailing list for discussing the phone group; it was called jbofongri, and can be found here.


As microblogging has become more popular among the internets as a whole, it's also started to be noticed in Lojbanistan.

  • identi.ca Sometimes known as la aidentikar. There's a Lojban group called !lojban.

Other Forums

  • The Lojban MOO is a type of MUD (a multi-user online text adventure game, sort of) that is fully bilingual in its command set.
  • jboselkei is an online game of translation from English to Lojban, featuring rating calculation for users. If you don't know how this or that is translated to Lojban, ask it in jboselkei, and as the game proceeds, expect to see one or even more translations of your 'post' made by jboselkei players, with comments. If you are an experienced lojbanist, you will always find a couple or more challenging 'tough nuts' awaiting your translation and promising rating points. jboselkei first appeared in Beta form in mid March 2006, and was upgraded for appearance and usability in November 2006. Playing in jboselkei is very exciting; you are welcome to join!
  • The Lojbanic Interactive Story is a web-based story writing forum. The story itself is all in Lojban. Anyone can add to it, please go contribute!

Archives Of Past Discussion

Mailing List Archives

There are locally stored archives of a number of lists.

The Google Groups lists should have complete, searchable archives stored in Google Groups itself.

In addition to this, for research purposes, there are as-complete-as-humanly-possible archives of all Google Groups lists stored as UNIX mail files on one of the lojban.org computers. If you need access to them, mail the LLG secretary.

IRC Logs

Public logs of the lojbanic portions of the IRC channel are available.

Note: the logs are filtered so that they contain only lojbanic text. However, you might still be offended by the things discussed there. If you are, that's your problem, and the LLG explicitly disclaims responsibility for anything said on the IRC channel, including by members or officers of the LLG.

Furthermore, no guarantee is made as to the correctness of the Lojban therein.