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1. Chats

Improve, learn, teach Lojban in chats: text or audio/video chats. The overall goal being to establish a broad level of conversational fluency in the Lojban community.

The tools to be used are primarily:

  • Skype
  • direct browser-to-browser chats like appear.in.
  • A group in Google+ where you can videochat in real-time with other Lojbanists

Other less popular tools:

  • Mumble: a vocal chatroom
  • Cinch is an audio-blogging service which allows its users to record directly to the website or phone in to record.

Skype Phone Group Topics

You can arrange a voice call (phone or VoIP) with another Lojban speaker at any skill level. A lot of people have expressed concern about the phone group with respect to the "well, what would we talk about?" issue. I'm pretty sure that discussions about that will take up a lot of space, so please see the Phone Group Topics page.

Lojban On The Phone

Please bear in mind, everyone, that collision avoidance is hard on the phone. Please become familiar with ta'a, re'i, be'e, je'e, ki'a and ke'o. Especially that last one. :-)

Here's a phonetic alphabet for spelling words on the phone.


We welcome anyone, regardless of expertise, physical location or monetary resources. If you can't speak much lojban, well, learning to understand others will help. If you can't afford to make long distance phone calls, one of the other members will be happy to call you. If that doesn't work, Robin Lee Powell'm willing to pony up calling card money just to get this going.

To join, just add people above to your skype friends' list and ask who might be available to talk with you.

In an ideal universe, Robin Lee Powell'd like to see people matched up with people of very different levels of ability, to spread the expertise around as quickly as possible, but I'm not hugely attached to that.

About Expertise

The "expertise" field in the members table is currently rather informal, and you are welcome to alter yours as you feel appropriate. However, Robin Lee Powell and Nick Nicholas have had their expertise certified in person. The reason behind such system is the option of making the phone group into a ranking system, similar to Chess rankings. In other words, if you want to be certified Expert level, you ask Robin or Nick to take some time to call you up and basically hammer away at you for an hour. You, in turn, can then certify people at rankings below Expert (or, possibly, at or below expert).

Note that any use of word lists in any such tests would be cheating.

2. Real life clubs

Organize in real life Lojban clubs based on your physical location on the planet:

  • Southeast Michigan Lojban Group - A group of about half a dozen Lojban enthusiasts met at Matt Arnold's house in Redford, Michigan about every two weeks (except when college is in session, because so many of them are undergrads, grad students, or teachers). Regular attendees include Bruce Webber, TheRomp, Shaun Klein, Neil Eppstein, and Alex Martini. The group has been going in one form or another since March 2005.
  • A Lojban group started at Grinnell College in Iowa, in October 2006.
  • Jay Kominek is interested in starting one at the University of Colorado, let him know if you're in the area.
  • Robin Lee Powell used to teach a class in the Silicon Valley area, in Northern California. He'd be willing to do so again if enough people were interested. I know two people here that would attend, but I'd be interested in other jbopre joining.
  • Anagram is interested in informally gathering for a workshop of beginners in the Bakersfield, California area. Try contacting him via irc.freenode.net. My registered nick is Anagram, you may leave me a memo via memoserv.
  • Arnt Richard Johansen will teach anyone in 'Trondheim, NO' who is interested. Contact him at arj ATT nvg dot org.
  • There has been talk of some of us Southern Californian jbopre getting together in Pomona monthly. More info at SoCalLojbanists.
  • For Aussies in and around Sydney, I (la .djunias.) am looking to start a Lojban club near Macquarie University. If you're interested, please contact me!
  • In Hong Kong, I (sorpa'as plat) am trying to start the Hong Kong Lojbanist Group. Open Innovation Lab once helped us organized a Lojban meetup.

Here are some of the places known to have a high concentration of Lojbanists, or some influential Lojbanists:

  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • New York, New York
  • California

3. Festivals

Organize conferences and festivals. The only annual festival by far is jbonunsla.

Database of Lojbanists

For fulfilling the first two goals:

i ko jmina le cmene e lei tcila va'o le nu do se cinri le nu penmi loi drata jbopli vi le se xabju be do
Put your name and contact information here if you're interested in getting together with other Lojbanists in your area or talking via audio/video chat.
lo cmene fluency lo gugde also speaks e-mail/id on Skype more precise location notes
la lojbab (lobja'a) lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu Fairfax VA, near DC, and that's where Logfest is always held a founder of the LLG. This language might not exist without him and the others he worked with to make Lojban public domain.
Nora LeChevalier lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu Fairfax VA, near DC, and that's where Logfest is always held lojbab's wife, and has done huge amounts of work on Lojban, largely on the wordlists and software.
Jay Kominek lo gugde'usu (USA) Boulder, Colorado
la .djunias. gugde'a'u (Australia) Sydney I am looking to start a Lojban club near Macquarie University, Sydney. If you're interested, please contact me!
Nick Nicholas gugde'a'u (Australia) was the first fluent Lojban speaker (he insists that he was the second, but he's known to be excessively modest). He also has done a lot of Lojbanic writing, both writing in lojban and about it.
.pier. abat. = Pierre Abbat medium lo gugde'usu (USA) Francais mrilu, skype: pierre.abbat North Carolina, EST
.kreig.daniyl. lo gugde'usu (USA) North Carolina lojbo pemci finti
John Cowan lo gugde'usu (USA) New York City the author of the Complete Lojban Language. What more can you say?
la xod = InventYourself Intermediate lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu New York City, EST
Edward Blevins lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu (Austin, TX)) / 512.796.6661
Adam Raizen gugde'ilu (Israel)' mrilu
Ivan Derzhanski lo gugdebugu (Болгария)
Arnt Richard Johansen = tsali = Broca intermediate lo gugdenu'o (Norway) mrilu CET
Raphaël Poss lo gugdefuru (France) mrilu
jexOm. = JérômeDesquilbet lo gugdefuru (France)
la .ilmen. lo gugdefuru (France)
Mark Shoulson aka clsn, .mark. lo gugde'usu (USA) in New Jersey
Theodore Reed = rizen = bancus medium lo gugde'usu (USA) [mailto: [email protected] mrilu], skype: tedreed Ontario, Southern California, PST
John Clifford = pc lo gugde'usu (USA) St. Louis, MO
djin.meiz. lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu Tidewater/Hampton Roads, VA
Robin Lee Powell expert lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu, skype: rlpowell Northern California, the Silicon Valley area, PST his web site. Yours truly, is the current webmaster of this site and the provider of the machine and bandwidth it is served from.
xavier lo gugde'usu (USA) school is in Rochester, NY, but himself is from Newton, MA.
stevo lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu Cincinnati, OH
Matt Arnold = epkat = Eppcott beginner lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu, skype: matt_arnold Detroit/Ann Arbor, Michigan, EST
Björn Gohla lo gugde'usu (USA) http://www.digitalkingdom.org/~bjoern/
Lindar Greenwood lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu Hollywood, California, willing to travel to (almost) any part of LA county for meetings.
rem.klajis lo gugde'usu (USA) Phoenixville, Chester County, pa
la .alyn.post. lo gugde'usu (USA) xabju lo la'o .gy. Rio Grande .gy. rirxe ma'arbi'i pe la'o .gy. New Mexico .gy.
Mike Fairhurst mrilu looking for Lojbanists around Portland, Oregon or facebook me
Twitch mrilu learning lojban in Montpelier, Vermont would love to work with others
cizyprijev mrilu https://twitter.com/#!/cizyprijev
Dr. James Cooke Brown lived in the US
Avital Oliver Isra'el mrilu
Alex (Sasha) Gontmakher Isra'el mrilu
Jorge Llambías aka la .xorxes. lo gugde'aru (Argentina) mrilu
la tsani lo gugdecu'a (Canada) Montreal
Adam Lopresto = Eimi = la xalbo expert lo gugdecu'a (Canada) mrilu, skype: adamlopresto CDT
Viktor Medrano lo gugdecu'a (Canada) .i mi zvati le lulus. zei daplu
la gleki lo gugderu'u (Россия) русский основной контакт для русскоговорящих
Русскоязычное сообщество lo gugderu'u (Россия)
Cyril Slobin lo gugderu'u (Россия) русский mrilu Москва http://slobin.pp.ru/english.html
Ark Balandin expert lo gugderu'u (Россия) русский skype: ark.balandin GMT + 4
A. W. Tüting (.aulun.) lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) mrilu
Timo Paulssen = timonator lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) Deutsch mrilu
Björn Gohla lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) mrilu
Philip Newton = pne = .filip. beginner lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) mrilu Hamburg, CEST
Jens Gutzeit = .iens. lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) mrilu Berlin
.iesk. lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) mrilu berti dotygu'e
la selpa'i lo gugdedu'e (Deutschland) Berlin
And Rosta = And Rosta = AndRosta lo gugdegubu (United Kingdom) London & Preston. No point meeting me if you want to practice Lojban conversation! I have never really got round to learning such conversationally vital stuff as gismu, BAI, tense, UI... That doesn't mean I'm not willing to try a bit, tho.
Colin Fine lo gugdegubu (United Kingdom)
Evgenii Sklyanin = la .evgenis. lo gugdegubu (United Kingdom) mrilu York earlier in St. Petersburg
greg., Gryon, Gregory Dyke Beginner lo gugdecuxe (Switzerland) mrilu, [mailto: [email protected] mrilu] CET
Mikko = spfnym beginner lo gugdefu'i (Suomi) mrilu, skype: mikkommm GMT+2
Veijo Vilva (veion) lo gugdefu'i (Suomi) mrilu Porvoo/Borgå http://galactinus.net/vilva/
Martin Norbäck, G?org, norpan on irc beginner lo gugrsferie (Sweden) mrilu
ShaeErisson lo gugrsferie (Sweden) mrilu Boden
Roger Norling lo gugrsferie (Sweden) mrilu Sundsvall
Marek Rogalski lo gugdepulu (Polska) polska mrilu
Robin Turner aka la solri lo gugdeturu (Türkiye) finti la'oi L4B
Alex Burka aka la durka lo gugde'usu (USA) español mrilu Philadelphia
Jordan DeLong lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu CST
selckiku = Brett Douglas Williams = mungojelly expert lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu, skype: selckiku EST
Stephen Weeks = Tene intermediate lo gugde'usu (USA) mrilu, skype: srweeks MST
Steve Pomeroy = ? Beginner mrilu EST
Kevin Reid = kpreid Intermediate mrilu, skype: kpreid EDT
Alex Martini = aleks Beginner/Intermediate mrilu, skype: amartini51 EST
Jonathan Strickland = djanatyn Beginner/Intermediate mrilu EDT
William McMillian = Very_Bill Beginner [mailto: mrilu], skype: William McMillian MDT
Remy Way = remklajis Beginner/Intermediate mrilu, skype: rem.klajis EST
Gianmarco Molino = mercrutio Beginner mrilu, skype: mercrutio.11235813 MDT
Ashley P. = eclen Beginner mrilu, skype: kiriel.ambar EST
.maiky'elsym. = graywyvern finti lo lojbo pemci
la rab.spir finti lo jbozgi
John Schock = .djancak.
.aionys. = eyeonus
Colin Fine
Goran Topic
John Leuner
komfo,amonan = Adam Cooper = adamgarrigus
Plastic Raven
skaryzgik = Marjorie Scherf
Oren Robinson 普通话 mrilu
Leonardo Molas español mrilu


The Logical Language Group

... and its affiliated organizations

Contacting The LLG by e-mail

You can contact the LLG by e-mail using our our web-based e-mail form, or the list of e-mail addresses below.

Contacting The LLG by postal mail

The Logical Language Group, Inc.

2904 Beau Lane

Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

(703) 385-0273

Internet: The Lojban Online Community

The Lojban community has a vibrant and growing online presence. Only a portion of Lojban websites are listed here, as this community is growing and changing too fast to list them all.


This page contains a list of various forums in which people discuss Lojban or discuss in Lojban, in approximate order of popularity as far as the main community is aware.

Various Lojbanic forums are an important part of the lojban community.

Learning websites

la laxma'i spaji spaji, the bilingual Lojban/English blog, can be helpful for learning both how various English idioms may be translated into Lojban, and how to use a wide range of Lojban cmavo (mainly in a narrative tone).

Less known mailing lists

Other than the primary mailing lists, the following special interest lists exist:

All posts to this list are moderated, and all must include a description for where followup conversation should go. For example: "there are now Lojban flashcards on smart.fm; follow up discussion should go to the Beginners list" (but presumably with more detail). This is NOT a discussion list. The list does not set Reply-To, so you should set it to where you want followup discussion to go, if you know how.

The announcement list sends to just about every Lojban email list there is. People can also subscribe to it directly, if they want to get announcements of general community interest but do not want to be on the main mailing lists.

Anything likely to be of interest to large segments of the Lojban community is on topic. In particular, "I'm starting Lojbanic project X and need help/feedback" is what the list is primarily intended for.

  • xadni, a largely unused list for discussion of the experience of having a body, or something like that
  • lo jbocertu cu bau casnu vecu'u la jbosnu (nothing but spam these days)
  • The jboske, or lojbanic science list was used for extremely detailed discussions of technical and linguistic issues related to Lojban.
  • jefnuz is a subscribe-and-don't-post list for receiving the weekly community news.
  • snakarni is a list for audio-bloggers, especially for CinchCast users.
  • Loĵbanistoj is a lojban mailing list where discussions occur in Esperanto
  • lojban-zasni is a lojban mailing list for experimental grammars

Social network groups


As microblogging has become more popular among the internets as a whole, it's also started to be noticed in Lojbanistan.

  • identi.ca, sometimes known as la .aidentikar. There was a Lojban group called !lojban.
  • Twitter Lojbanic posts on Twitter are sometimes tagged #lojban, but it's also fun to search for Lojban without the # to see what random strangers are saying about us!
  • Reddit has a page where Lojbanic news are often published.
  • Shapado website has a Lojban page.

Other Forums

  • Lojban FreeForums
  • This wiki has a guestboard for asking questions
  • The Lojban MOO is a type of MUD (a multi-user online text adventure game, sort of) that is fully bilingual in its command set.
  • jboselkei is an online game of translation from English to Lojban, featuring rating calculation for users. If you don't know how this or that is translated to Lojban, ask it in jboselkei, and as the game proceeds, expect to see one or even more translations of your 'post' made by jboselkei players, with comments. If you are an experienced lojbanist, you will always find a couple or more challenging 'tough nuts' awaiting your translation and promising rating points. jboselkei first appeared in Beta form in mid March 2006, and was upgraded for appearance and usability in November 2006. Playing in jboselkei is very exciting; you are welcome to join!
  • The Lojbanic Interactive Story is a web-based story writing forum. The story itself is all in Lojban. Anyone can add to it, please go contribute!
  • Lojban.forumer
  • There has been a LiveJournal community for Lojban for a long time, though it's often sleepy.

Archives Of Past Discussions

Mailing List Archives

There are locally stored archives of a number of lists. Those lists are no longer updated.

The Google Groups lists have complete, searchable archives stored in Google Groups itself.

In addition to this, for research purposes, there are as-complete-as-humanly-possible archives of all Google Groups lists stored as UNIX mail files on one of the lojban.org computers. If you need access to them, mail the LLG secretary.

IRC Logs

Public logs of the lojbanic portions of the IRC channel are available.

Note: the logs are filtered so that they contain only Lojbanic text. However, you might still be offended by the things discussed there. If you are, that's your problem, and the LLG explicitly disclaims responsibility for anything said on the IRC channel, including by members or officers of the LLG.

Furthermore, no guarantee is made as to the correctness of the Lojban therein.

Lojbanic Websites

None of these sites are officially associated with the LLG in any way.