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Put your name and contact information here if you're interested in getting together with other lojbanists in your area.

i ko jmina le cmene e lei tcila va'o le nu do se cinri le nu penmi loi drata jbopli vi le se xabju be do

Information on Lojban Clubs.

gugde'usu (USA)

gugde'a'u (Australia)

gugde'ilu (Israel)

lo gugdrnorge (Norway)

lo fasygu'e (France)

lo gentygu'e (Argentina)

lo kadnygu'e (Canada)

lo rukygu'e (Russia)

lo dotygu'e (Germany/Deutschland)

lo ritygu'e (UK)

  • And Rosta, London & Preston. (No point meeting me if you want to practice Lojban conversation! I have never really got round to learning such conversationally vital stuff as gismu, BAI, tense, UI... That doesn't mean I'm not willing to try a bit, tho.)
  • Colin Fine
  • Evgenii Sklyanin, York, [email protected]

lo gugdrxelveto (Switzerland)

lo gugdrsuomi (Finland)

lo gugrsferie (Sweden)

Info about lojbanists

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