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The Internet Relay Chat (aka IRC)[1] channel is a place for people to textually chat in real-time.

Connecting quickly

Just open this page, simply enter the captcha (text in skewed letters and numbers) and click "Connect". Easy!

Click on the channel you want (tabs on the top of the page), and type your text in the text bar at the bottom - the last line at the bottom of the chat page.

Ask questions on Lojban in #ckule tab, talk in or about Lojban in #lojban tab and talk only in Lojban in #jbosnu tab.


There are almost always more than 100 people connected, but most of the time, they'll be idle. Say coi, hit Enter and wait. Get a soda. Practice your vocabulary. But be patient. Dedicated IRC'ers don't sit in front of the computer 24/7 waiting to respond within 10 seconds of everything said. Think of it as sort of a fast moving message board.

You might also have a look at the IRC cheat sheet, which contains a list of translations of frequently used expressions.

Trickier ways of connecting

The Lojban IRC channel is on the Freenode IRC network.

Use irc.lojban.org or chat.freenode.net for the server, port 6667. The channel is #lojban. Registering with NickServ is recommended.

It is recommended, but by no means required, that you learn what IRC is by briefly reading some of the IRC Frequently Asked Questions or The IRC Prelude.


Just behave and be respectful, don't intentionally try to annoy others. Don't worry though, usually you'll only annoy people if you're actively trying.


There are now public logs of the utterances in Lojban of the IRC channel[2].

The logs are filtered so that they contain only Lojban text. However, you might still be offended by the things discussed there. If you are, that's your problem and the LLG explicitly disclaims responsibility for anything said on the IRC channel, including by members or officers of the LLG.

Furthermore, no guarantee is made as to the correctness of the Lojban therein. Nonetheless, the IRC logs currently constitute one of the largest corpora of Lojban text.

Discussion Topics

A list of interesting discussion topics, about the nature of the language, is being actively maintained and copied into this wiki. They often include specific terminology. The discussions are presented as is, copied from the IRC channel.


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  2. Thanks to help from Theodore Reed and Jordan DeLong