Lojban For Beginners, The Book

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A textbook written by Nick Nicholas and Robin Turner.

Teaches Standard Lojban also described in CLL.

A book published in 2002 by Robin Turner and Nick Nicholas.


  1. pdf file
  2. epub file (convertible to Kindle format using Calibre)
  3. a Windows Phone/Windows 8 app


There are fifteen lessons involved, intended to cover enough of the basics of Lojban that one can read most Lojban one is likely to encounter orally or on-line.

The lessons are basically complete, and have been reviewed extensively; things remaining to be done include:

  1. (Possibly) inserting reading material for the later lessons.
  2. Introduce IPA pronunciation guides in a note to Chapter 1, and 'major language' alternatives in the pronunciation guide proper now. Scott Weller has proposed the 6 languages of the gismu etymologies (this has already been done for the Level 0 Booklet, as requested by Olivier Nisole).

Lessons Errata



The textbook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.