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la xunre cukta

The Complete Lojban Language

Note that the book The Complete Lojban Language is still considered by quite a few new learners as the best tutorial although by design this wasn't meant to be any tutorial.

Namely, the order of chapters may seem to be arbitrary to those who wish to use this book to study Lojban. So one recommendation is ... to read various sections from the book randomly. If you don't understand something skip to another part.

If you still wish to try something else here are some newish tutorials.

The Crash Course in Lojban

The Crash Course method
The symbol of The Crash Course: nature and logic

The Crash Course is a course being written by la gleki by combining the feedback of people learning or speaking Lojban into a tutorial. You read it, report bugs or ask questions and get replies from the author or knowledgable Lojbanists, answers to your questions get included into the course.

  • The course tries not to use Lojbanic terminology much. It explains most Lojbanic terms in ordinary language that the learner uses from birth or school. This principle brings Lojban to people, rather than dragging people into Lojban. It adapts the teaching method to the language the student uses in everyday life. For example, for speakers of English (and most languages of Europe) The Crash Course method calls brivla "verbs", calls sumti "nouns". Although, such terms as "noun" and "verb" can mean different things in different languages they are fine for initially explaining how Lojban works.
  • The course has a compact dictionary as an addendum that gives examples for the most commonly used verbs and particles.

The intended finalization of this course are years 2017 - 2019. Until then minor bugs can be found in it but the course is mostly already usable.

Lojban cards

A distilled overview of the language by ldlework, explaining much of the grammar succinctly using examples and diagrams.

Lojban Wave Lessons

A fairly complete textbook initially based on the format of the live lessons given in the Lojban IRC chat. Initially written by la klaku and la .kribacr. and updated over the years by many others.

Introduction to Lojban

Lojban in simple phrases. This course is already available for several languages. Features:

  • a slick format
  • short introduction into Lojban

Your feedback and suggestions can make the course more comprehensive.

You may translate and adapt this course to your native language if it's not already there.

Lojban guide

Provides hover translations of both sentences/phrases and words they contain.


Flashcard courses

  • Simple Lojban in phrases on Memrise.com teaches Lojban through phrases only allowing you to automatically passively learn the nuts and bolts of the language.

A book with pictures and English translations

Read more about this method: learning with context