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Posted by lojbab to lojban on August 7, 2010:

The annual meeting of the Logical Language Group Inc, will commence on 21 August 2010 at approximately 1PM EDT, on the llg-members list. The meeting will be conducted by email. Members should be checking their members list email at least daily. I am calling for anyone (member or non-member) who would like to see some topic discussed at the meeting either as old business or new business, send me an email. It is easier to run the meeting smoothly when I am aware of the likely agenda.

Because of a lack of adequate notice, there can be no consideration of bylaw amendments, but they can be proposed.

Because I haven't been all that active myself, and was drafted into resuming the president's job on short notice, I don't consider myself sufficiently aware of what-all has been going on in the community in the way of projects and activities. I intend to try to visit the IRC channel a few times to get some inputs for a decent President's Report to the meeting, and welcome any independent contributions (to my email address) summarizing briefly what you think are the most important activities and results achieved during the last year.

Non-members who may be interested in becoming formal members of LLG should also attend. Please read the bylaws of the LLG in advance of the meeting, and perhaps a few of the minutes of prior meetings, so that you have some idea what membership is all about; we typically accept anyone who evidence sufficient interest and awareness of what they are signing up for.

Members (and perhaps soon-to-be members) - I am interested in seeing a couple more people be added to the Board of Directors for the coming year, since we are operating with the minimum three directors right now. Again, please read the bylaws. Directorship entails a greater commitment to activity and an interest in the sorts of organizational details described in the bylaws.

We have not had formal minutes for the meetings of the last few years, and Robin as Secretary feels that the archived llg-members mailing list serves the legal requirement for minutes. But I would like to see some volunteer prepare a concise summary of last year's meeting from the archives that resembles earlier meeting minutes, which can be approved at the meeting and put on the minutes page, so that people can briefly see what happened. I could use this myself, ASAP, to help me prepare.

Ideally, said person will be willing to do this again shortly after this year's meeting, and perhaps to use the archives to fill in minutes for the missing years. (This is the sort of thing that can demonstrate that you are interested in the stuff that directorship entails). Robin is wearing enough other hats that it would be real nice if meeting minutes are not something he has to spend time on.