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How did you discover Lojban?

This is an important question as it helps establish how the LLG are gaining members and can help them target new members better. It maybe a good idea to include the reasons why you choose to learn/participate-in-the-community Lojban?


  • Yanis Batura:
    I had been dreaming about a language with precise relations between words for a year. Suddenly, when browsing Wikipedia, I saw a link to Lojban version from the article about Genghis Khan. I wondered what a language Lojban could be, and that is how I am here :)
  • Josh Wolfer:
    I was having a discussion with friends about what the optimal ancillary language would be for global communications. As a native speaker of English, I find it to be horribly arbitrary and overly complicated. A friend told me that it would probably be Lojban or Esperanto.
    I did some research on Lojban and was instantly fascinated. I really wanted to see how a logical and intentional language could work. The idea of someone / some people creating language from ground up, is brilliant.