Gödel, Escher, Bach

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A great book by Douglas Hofstadter, part of which explains the limits of logical systems. As such, it has some significance in relation to Lojban, and especially to the issue being discussed in [[jbocre: the increasingly badly titled node [jbocre: Lojbanic Qabbalah|Lojbanic Qabbalah]] [[jbocre: G�del Numbers and Lojban]].

I assume that no mere mortal could ever translate this book into Lojban.

  • Probably not; it assumes a cultural context into which the examples have to fit.

I'm flabbergasted people managed to get it into French. And they had to take considerable liberties to do it. -- nitcion

Chinese, too.

Should we fix the spelling of the title of this page? This is an international medium, after all, and we shouldn't be �fr��d �f �ml��ts.

Make a new page with the umlaut that just tells people to go to this page. Start making all the links point at the other page, and when you've got that done, I can move this page to replace the dud page. (Or I can just move this one and then someone can go around and fix the dead links. Just need a volunteer either way.) --jay Done, near as I can tell.

lu mapti le ka jitfa kei bai le nu vo'a se lidne le vlapoi poi sinxa vo'a li'u mapti le ka jitfa kei bai le nu vo'a se lidne le vlapoi poi sinxa vo'a