Expansion of logical connections

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Full bridi connections

Forethought:  { GA brode gi brodo }
Afterthought:  { brode .i JA brodo }

Full bridi connectives encodes a relation between two statements (du'u abstractions), and can be expressed using the appropriate predicate word:

  • kaxyje'u = both statements x1 (du'u) and x2 (du'u) are true (logical conjunction)
  • vlinyje'u = at least one of the statements x1 (du'u) and x2 (du'u) is true (logical disjunction)
  • (...)

Therefore, the bridi connection { ga mi brode gi do brodo } can be rephrased as below:

  • vlinyje'u fa lo du'u mi brode kei lo du'u do brodo

Bridi-tail connections

Forethought:   { mi GA [ brode ti ] gi [ brodo tu ] vau do }
Afterthought:  { mi [ brode ti ] GIhA [ brodo tu ] vau do }

=  GA mi brode ti do gi mi brodo tu do
=  mi brode ti do .i JA mi brodo tu do

Sumti connection

Forethought:   { GA mi gi do broda }
Afterthought:  { mi A do broda }

=  GA mi broda gi do broda
=  mi broda .i JA do broda

Multiple sumti connection

mi .a do ti .o tu broda

=  ga [ go mi ti broda gi mi tu broda ] gi [ go do ti broda gi do tu broda ]