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test 1

first edit

The purpose of this page is to see if I can bypass the Cloudflare using the ampersand trick.

Since this is a wiki I will actually record what I am doing.

I started with this URL:

And got the usual "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or create this page."

I clicked on "create this page" and here I am. The new URL is

... without the &setlang=en query string variable.

Okay time to Save page...

second edit

Okay I saved the page but I stupidly forgot to look at the URL before clicking Edit but right now the URL is again


third edit

Okay, saving the page redirected me to

... which is the "pretty" URL and NOT index + query string

And, as expected, the displayed page is a cache of the first edit. Sorry, no dice.

This confirms what I was trying to say. If there is a way to stop the redirecting to the "pretty" URL then I would expect the trick to work. But I don't know how to do that right now.

Saving edit #3...

test 2

fourth edit

Starting a second round of tests. Reason: I don't understand why index.php?title=such_and_such is NOT cached, which makes me doubt that it is NOT cached. RLP's rules are:

**&*          Cache Level: Bypass
**edit*       Cache Level: Bypass
**Special:*  Cache Level: Bypass
**Talk:*     Cache Level: Bypass
**           Browser Cache TTL: 30 minutes, Always Online: On, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 2 hours, Origin Cache Control: Off

Why on earth would

not be cached? there is no & in that URL, and doesn't match any filtered pattern that I can see.

Okay, let me see if it really isn't cached. Saving...

fifth edit

Okay I have verified after fourth save that: - bypasses cached / is not cached - does not bypass cached / is cached

Why?? I don't know.


sixth edit

Turns out I was WRONG. The last edit had predicted behavior. does NOT bypass cache.

I don't know why it appeared to bypass the cache earlier. Must have been lucky timing (?).

I don't really get this. Saving...

test 3

Current page title is now LFK_CloudFare_Test

seventh edit

this is the first edit testing the bypassing of the cache for pages with "LFK".


eighth edit

Previous edit was visible right away.

Second save this round...

ninth edit

one more test for good measure.


test 4

tenth edit

rlpowellAPP  9:07 PM
Hey all.  I just made a change to the caching behaviour of the main site; please try it out.
You should be able to log in and edit and see your edits right away, but when you log out your edits will be invisible for uh probably about 30 minutes.
Basically, logged in people bypass the cache.
Is the goal.

Well let's see...

eleventh edit

Changes from tenth edit immediately visible (i.e. success)


twelfth edit

11th edit good.

By the way I forgot to mention I moved this page to

That should dodge the "LFK" and "bypasscache" rules.