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'''Jorge Llambías''' [[User:xorxes|xorxes]]
This [[BPFK Members|BPFK member]] presides over the following [[BPFK Sections|Sections]]:
==== Checkpointed ====
* [[BPFK Section: Aspect|Aspect]] ZAhO
* [[BPFK Section: gadri|gadri]] LA LE
==== Ready to vote or discuss ====
* [[BPFK Section: Realis Attitudinals|Realis Attitudinals]] UI1realis
* [[BPFK Section: Irrealis Attitudinals|Irrealis Attitudinals]] UI1irrealis
* [[BPFK Section: Text Structure Discursives|Text Structure Discursives]] UI3a UI3c UI6
* [[BPFK Section: Highlight Discursives|Highlight Discursives]] UI3b
* [[BPFK Section: Vocatives|Vocatives]] COI DOI DOhU
* [[BPFK Section: Digressives|Digressives]] SEI SEhU TO TOI
* [[BPFK Section: Directional Spatial|Directional Spatial]] FAhA4 FEhE MOhI
* [[BPFK Section: Distance|Distance]] VA VEhA VIhA ZEhA ZI
* [[BPFK Section: sumtcita Formants|sumtcita Formants]] FIhO FEhU
* [[BPFK Section: Numeric selbri|Numeric selbri]] MOI ME MEhU
* [[BPFK Section: Indirect Referers|Indirect Referers]] LAhE LUhU LI LOhO
* [[BPFK Section: Logical Variables|Logical Variables]] KOhA1
* [[BPFK Section: brivla Negators|brivla Negators]] NA NAhE
* [[BPFK Section: Inexact Numbers|Inexact Numbers]] PA4 PA3: za'u, me'i
* [[BPFK Section: Non-logical Connectives|Non-logical Connectives]] JOI
[[Category:BPFK member]]

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