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'The Journey is the largest project for zasni Lojban (La Bangu). It consists of:

Not ready: Crash-course in Lojban. Version 0.18 alpha

1st part

"Speak Lojban!" course

2nd part

La Bangu: dictionary

3rd part

La Bangu: stories in La Bangu

4th part. Different texts for beginners


5th optional part.


Out of the blue this is where Extended Lojbanic Grammar (ELG, formerly CLL and Berry lessons) starts. So here we have the full reference grammar of La Bangu. Not for newbies obviously. Not really a continuation of the Crash Course.

ELG is the reference grammar of La Bangu, a Lojban dialect developed by Lojbanic community in IRC chat channel #lojban. Compared to CLL ELG is more bulky.

ELG is to be written mostly in simple Lojban. Many borrowings from English are expected. Many parts of ELG are based on CLL.

ELG presents different interesting aspects of Lojban language, it's grammar, vocabulary and applications in different fields.


Lexicon semantics

ELG: formatting

What do we need?

  1. ELG should be in one page.
  2. Every paragraph can have a unique id so that we can link to it from other parts of ELG: {{judri|#NNN}}
  3. Every paragraph can have a short dictionary-style info for indices on what this paragraph describes. Separated by ":": {{ind|lojban:what is}}
  4. Every example has the following syntax:
 :Example NNN
 :'''lo lojbo se cusku'''
  1. Images are just normal wiki-images, might be in thumbnail form.[[Image:name.png|thumb|caption text|link=]]
  2. Lojbanic text is bold, translation in italic, glossing in <code> tags. Rafsi are {{r|gau}}, lujvo are {{l|kargau}}, fu'ivla are {{f|spageti}}, cmevla are {{.|cmevlas}}, cmavo are {{c|gau}}.

What else do we REALLY need? The remaining tags should be removed imo.



I'm not willing to change the order of chapters in the first place as it was suggested for CLL 2.0 as ELG is not a tutorial. You need to have passed L4N course in order to be able to read it. However, yes, the next step would be rearranging the stuff.
And the step after that will be translating ELG to Lojban itself.
I should note that ELG is only initially based on CLL. A lot will be changed in the flow of text during it’s development leading to a possibly completely different book. ELG has nothing to do with CLL 2.0 or Standard Lojban. But if you are tired of waiting for CLL 2.0 then here it is, this [potentially] crowd-sauced project. And i have no illusions that the crowd will be > pamei .uinai

The creation of ELG will undergo several steps.

  1. Landing. CLL will land in LMW. At this step please don’t edit text for real. Yes, you are free to damage the text but everything is in sandbox mode. All your changes can be easily reverted or deleted.
    Look at the formatting. Look if the source is intuitive for further editing.
    In case of any problems or disappointment please write your observations or suggestions here.
    We will try to land as many times as needed.
  2. When we agree that the book is easy to develop we are moving onto the second step.
    It is advised to create new chapters related to any topics you think are worth explaining.