BPFK Section: New cmavo Proposals

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Checkpointed sections with a "New cmavo Proposals" part

These should be written up into formal proposals.

Non-checkpointed sections with new cmavo proposals

Other currently-proposed experimental cmavo

  • BPFK Section: Aspect contains a reference to xa'o; it would be very strange to keep this reference without discussing whether or not this meaning and/or form should be added.
  • The contents of Experimental cmavo, while rather haphazard, may be used a resource.
  • xoi is a suggested cmavo regarding frequency/numbering.
  • xoi'a and xoi'e are two proposed ZAhO to do with increases over time. One is linear, the other exponential.
  • mu'ei is a probability/sixth-dimensional tense of selma'o ROI.
  • xai is referring to multiple previously mentioned sumti.