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180 lbs

brown eyes

brownish black hair

272 years old

In raijatn's shadow there are dangerous wild animals that he hunts. In the course of organizing and training for these hunts it has of course become obvious that he can wear heavier armor and throw a spear further and with more force than any of his servants.

raijatn always plants little suggestions in such a subtle way that his shadow servants usually just think it's their idea. He trains the natives for hunting, but doesn't organize military campaigns against other natives that live on the world but aren't directly under his power. He uses his authority pretty lightly, just for hunting and doesn't make many demands. The people like him, even the ones that he doesn't rule over.

raijatn organizes and trains for elaborate hunts. He typically uses ranged weapons like spears, bows, throwing stars, darts, franciscan throwing axe, etc. One exciting hunt for raijatn was when he around 234 years old(as counted from la komuj), he got bored and arranged a hunt against some tsazm ridcink. Large insect beasts that during the fall lay their eggs in animal hosts to give their children food. Otherwise they are vegetarian. He was feeling in a weird mode contemplating all the people he had known and died and felt like taking on a real challenge so he went hunting with a much smaller crew(only 12) and didn't scout and had his fellow hunters follow about 75 meters behind.

Well tsazm ridcink are known for their ambushes, whether their prey wonders into them or they sneak up on them; they are slightly camouflaged to fit into jungle setting, with bumps and plant looking stuff on their bodies. This time a pack of 9 tsazm ridcink ambushed raijatn. They started swarming him quickly. He had five lances, and two throwing axes on him at the time. He quickly killed the three closest ones by throwing one lance a piece into them. He quickly rushed to the closest killed one, just as another way only a mere 3 meters away. He threw an axe right in that ones jaws, but severely weakened it and stunned it for a few moments. He threw another lance and killed yet another.

He started retrieving a lance from the dead tsazm ridcink that was nearest him as the other four unharmed bugs all started to circle him. It was difficult to retrieve the lance as he had to sometimes use the dead tsazm ridcink on stick as a shield, which pushed it in deeper. He couldn't throw his last lance because he also needed that to fend off attacks from the other side of him.

Finally he was able to have two lances. He threw a lance at one of the remaining four, killing it, and threw his axe wounding yet another. He dashed towards one of the other previously killed bugs with a lance in it. However to do so he had to pass by the first wounded bug. As he got near to that bug it attacked with it's legs as the other two also closed in. it was tough to fend them off and at one point a sharp edge of of one of the legs from the wounded one hit the lance near where raijatn held the lance, severing 1 cm or so of his pinky finger off, and cutting his ring finger deeply.

He was able to slide underneath one of the healthy bugs and toss it 10 meters away. Just as the bug was in the air, his 12 hunting buddies rounded the corner and could see what was happening. The squad leader ordered a volley of 4 bolts from some crossbows on the bug as it landed, killing it. raijatn was able to then get enough distance from the one remaining healthy tsazm ridcink and toss his one remaining lance into it.

raijatn then ordered the squad to finish off the two wounded bugs with some cross bows, and retreive all his weapons. While they were busy with those chores, he did a bit of quick first aid on his right hand. He then proceeded with them carefully back to the city. He had no trump with him at the time, because he didn't want a quick and easy escape route. So he had to travel back on foot with a throbbing hand before he could get real treatment.

The squad that witnessed the killing of many tsazm ridcink single-handily, soon spread word of this incredible exploit among the people near the capital of katact , and this legend has traveled very far indeed since that time. Maybe if you pressed the old men who were there they might remember the hurt hand, but few besides raijatn really recalls it much. He hide the injury as best he could and it healed completely within 2 years, 3 months and 5 days. The longest 2 years in raijatn's life so far. And he never felt the need to push the edge again, he always keeps his eye out for ambushes and is always prepared.

tsazm "zmadu zma mau more — tsali tsa strong" ridcink "crida rid fairy — cinki insect" greater/stronger beetle-bug-creature

kormuj "koruan. — munje muj mu'e universe " corwin's world korbi kor koi edge 'border, curb' x1 is an edge/margin/border/curb/boundary of x2 next-to/bordering-on x3

katact kalte kat hunt tcadu tca city