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About Me

{FANCYTABLE(head=" Contact Information |]] Google Chat | post.alan<at>gmail.com Freenode Nick | aisa E-mail | alyn.post<at>lodockikumazvati.org github | alanpost qi hardware | Alanpost .i la'e lu lo do ckiku ma zvati li'u lu'u nunkei | elci {FANCYTABLE}

Curated Wiki Topics

I curate the following topics on this wiki. I try to keep them decently up-to-date and well organized.

Uncurated Wiki Topics

I don't curate the following wiki topics. I'm collecting them here to give me some sense of what topics require curation.

My Links

{FANCYTABLE(head=" Mailing Lists ]] a'e lu lo do ckiku ma zvati li'u lu'u nunkei a .xedbig. ojban beginners ojban list {FANCYTABLE} {FANCYTABLE(head=" Reference ]] ormating rules for this wiki {FANCYTABLE} {FANCYTABLE(head=" Parsing Reference ]] hicken Scheme ackrat parsing rfi-1 (List Library) rfi-6 (Basic String Ports) rfi-9 (Defining Record Types) rfi-13 (String Libraries) {FANCYTABLE}

My Lojban Notebook

My Project Notebook for Lojban-related activity.


My Backlog contains tasks I'm working on, roughly in order. {FANCYTABLE(head=" Name | Description ]] mart.fm ldcmz flashcards | I'd like to put together a set of flash cards specifically for {lo do ckiku ma zvati}. ulleted lists in Lojban | I need to read through this thread and transcribe the important parts to typography. a lojbo kurji | I need to work through this thread and improve the oath I wrote. raig's Lists for gismu | I'm exlporing the idea of marking the full place structure of a gismu when using a Craig's List. earning cmavo | I really liked this visual representation of cmavo, and would like to incorporate it into ldcmz learning material. BPFK Sections | Work the BPFK needs done denti.ca | Do something with my identi.ca account. {FANCYTABLE} I keep a separate acklog for {lo do ckiku ma zvati}.