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baupla fuzykamni

The baupla fuzykamni (Language Planning Commission), abbreviated as the BPFK or byfy, is the definitional committee for the Lojban language, charged with expanding the current documentation of the provisional Lojban baseline (and in particular improving the quality of cmavo definitions) as well as resolving any errors or conflicts that might exist. It's mission is also to publish the mini-dictionary, and various other issues pertaining to the completion of the Lojban language prescription.

It was formed as a result of the new baseline statement by the LLG board in November of 2002. The baupla fuzykamni is currently led (in an administrative capacity, at least) by Robin Lee Powell.

Current Status

By Robin's count, there are 314 words checkpointed; the ma'oste (the list of cmavo) has 1091 lines, so that puts us at 29% completed. Note that words are counted by searching the ma'oste for the selma'o (classes of cmavo), to deal with different choices in compounding between the BPFK and the ma'oste.

It should be noted, however, that BPFK has already done most of the controversial and hard stuff, and that there are many words in the ma'oste BPFK has no intention of doing (PA* and LE* come to mind).